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    Matthieu Bourel

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    Bagrad Badalian

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    Chiura Obata, Setting Sun on Sacramento Valley, California, 1930

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    Columns of Suspended Charcoal by Seon Ghi Bahk

    Seon Ghi Bahk artist based in Seoul unveils its latest made ​​charcoal works that hang from son nylon to form columns or abstract representations. Bahk work explores the complex relationship between nature and humanity. It uses charcoal, a natural substance created by the burning of trees to recreate architectural forms that humans use for shelter.

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    Martín De Pasquale is a Buenos Aires-based director and digital artist. He is called a Photoshop wizard by some, and not without reason – his masterful digital photo manipulations blur the boundaries between dreams and reality and between humor and fear.

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    1 & 2. Guard. Paris, France

    3 & 4. Alping. London, UK

    5 & 6. Construction Worker. Paris, France

    7 & 8. Faded Grandeur. Marrakech, Morocco

    9 & 10. Skyscaping. Hong Kong


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    Scott Hove “Master of Rapacity” @ Hashimoto Contemporary

    This Saturday, May 31st, Hashimoto Contemporary is opening “Master of Rapacity” the latest solo show by gallery artist Scott Hove. Featuring several new wall mounted taxidermy works, two free standing assault weapon sculptures, and an interactive installation element, “Master of Rapacity” is one of the artist’s most ambitious undertakings yet.

    In Scott’s own words: “America is currently undergoing a very decisive and quiet transition to corporate oligarchy, the government becoming more and more acquiescent to corporate policy. Corporate policy is by nature rapacious, and could not give a fuck about nature or your feelings. So, I wondered what kind of art might be in an oligarch’s house… and then I made those pieces. I was partly inspired by Mexican cartel boss aesthetics, late Roman empire decadence, and regular old Americana. This imaginary oligarch is the Master of Rapacity.”